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Crew Calling Gateway from KVH

Boost morale onboard in one easy step — offer your crew affordable voice connections using KVH’s exclusive crew calling system!

With the addition of the dedicated KVH Crew Calling Gateway, you equip your mini-VSAT Broadband system with a separate voice telephone line exclusively for crew use. Crew members will be able to place calls to loved ones anywhere in the world using the Crew Calling phone while usage is tracked separately from your TracPhone V7 system’s standard voice usage for easy service management. Plus, since crew members pre-pay for the minutes they use on the Crew Calling phone, you won’t see any extra charges on your voice services bill! KVH’s Crew Calling Gateway system allows you to build crew morale conveniently via mini-VSAT Broadband!


  • Includes Crew Calling Gateway compatible with your choice of phones
  • Tracked separately from standard mini-VSAT Broadband voice usage
  • Calls made using unique account and PIN purchased by crew
  • Crew Calling Phone allows crew to place calls anywhere in the world1
  • Offering access to this service is simple: Minimize your administrative needs and allow the crew to use the crew calling phone to buy minutes directly from KVH Industries using their credit card.2

1 Incoming calls to crew members are not permitted with the Crew Calling Gateway.
2 Non-denominational cards provided with system; additional cards available; contact KVH Sales for details.

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