Sky+ HD DRX895WL (2TB)

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Sky DRX895WL 2TB Digibox + WiFi from Amstrad will bring you a cinema-like experience in your own living room with sharper, clearer, more vibrant pictures and amazing sound quality on a new level. Expirience the world of Sky sports in HD and never miss a goal again, just press rewind. auto record, manual record and bookmarks. Record your shows with a single button touch or on a moment's notice with One-Touch Record, available on all screens to the buildt in hard drive. Also, access favorite scenes in recordings instantly. Take advantage of SeriesLink and Sky Interactive™ features. With the advanced features of the Sky+ HD box, you'll enjoy television like never before.

Main Features

Sky+HD DRX895WL Wi-Fi Digibox Product Description

The latest energy efficient Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox features Built in Wi-Fi Lite Box and comes in a smooth, glossy blackish-grey, curved shape with matching remote. The Telephone, eSata & Composite Ports included in earlier models have removed.

The Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox provides access to both SD (standard-definition) and HD (high-definition) channels. The built-in 2TB hard drive lets you record up to 1,180 hours of SD and 350 hours of HD. The personal storage capacity is 1.5TB, whilst 500GB is retained by Sky for On Demand, System and 3D services. 

The Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox includes a HDMI port for watching both SD and HD content and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound via HDMI. It is compatible with Full HD and HD Ready televisions that have a spare HDMI port. A SCART port il also included for use with a standard-definition capable television. Other connections include an Optical Output (SPDIF), single LNB Input, USB, Ethernet port, 10 pin mini DIN and Power port.

The latest generation of Sky digiboxes no longer include a built-in RF output. If you want to connect to additional televisions in separate rooms to share a channel signal, you will need the Magic Eye TV Link.

This Sky+HD Digibox is compliant with EU legislation. It comes with a Sky ‘off’ mode to meet the maximum 1watt power usage requirement. In ‘off’ mode the digibox will NOT record any scheduled recordings, download On Demand content or support a Magic Eye TV Link. This setting can be turned on by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds, until the digibox displays the red ‘off’ LED lamp. By pressing the power button once, the digibox will go into ‘sleep mode’ and display an amber light.

To fully utilise the Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox Sky+ record functionality, a Quad LNB with 2 coaxial cables should be installed on your satellite dish and be connected to the 2 tuner cable inputs at the back of your digibox. This will enable you to record one channel whilst watching or recording another. Alternatively, you can record two channels whilst watching a pre-recorded programme.

To access On-Demand and interactive services from outside the UK, a suitable VPN service to mask the IP address of your broadband is necessary. On-Demand and interactive services are available on the Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox with a TP-Link VPN-EPG Router subscription from SATECH.

Product Content

Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox Content

    •    1 x Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox with built-in Wi-Fi and 500GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive.
    •    1 x HDMI Cable.
    •    1 x UK Power Cable. (Use suitable adaptor in other countries).
    •    1 x Sky+HD Remote Control (2 x AA batteries included)
    •    1 x Scart lead cable.

Main Functions

Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox Main Functions

    •    Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox with huge 2TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive.
    •    Eingebauten Wi-Fi to connect TP-Link VPN-EPG Router for On Demand services.
    •    Sleek, sophisticated lacquered, gloss finish design.
    •    Six times more personal storage than the Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox.
    •    1.5TB personal disk space to record and store Sky TV programmes.
    •    500GB of space for ready to watch On Demand and TV Box Sets.
    •    Record up to 350 hours of HD TV.
    •    Record up to 1,180 hours of standard TV.


Sky+HD DRX895WL Digibox Connections

    •    HDMI
    •    Digital Optical Audio Output
    •    Digital Coaxial Audio Output
    •    VCR/DVD Scart
    •    Dish input 1 & 2
    •    External Ethernet (RJ45)
    •    USB Interface (x 2)
    •    RS-232 Serial Port
    •    i/O Port 1 x 10 pin mini DIN (for use with Magic Eye TV Link).

Dimensions and Weight

Product Dimensions and Net Weight, plus Packaged Shipping Weight:

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 351x 265 x 73 mm.
Net Weight: 2.8 kg.
Packaged Weight: (packing/carton weight including product: 4.1 kg).

Product Setup and Installation Manual(s)

DRX895WL HD Digibox User manual (PDF) Download

Sky+HD Remote Control Manual and Codes (PDF) Download

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