Sky+ HD Terabyte Remote Control

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Official Sky+ HD Terabyte replacement infrared remote control, for use with the Sky+ HD receivers.

  • 12 month warranty
  • Official Sky product


Compatible with our Sky+HD boxes, this sleek and stylish Sky remote lets you pause, rewind and record live TV – handy if you need to stop watching a show but don’t want to miss a thing. You can also control your Planner, open up Catch Up and Sky Store, and download Sky Box Sets (depending on your Sky TV bundle) to watch the series everyone’s talking about.

Our Sky Terabyte remote control is so easy to use – each button has a feature name or number so you can open up things like your TV Guide instantly, or key in a channel number to go straight to your favourite show. Plus it comes with two alkaline batteries so you can start watching award-winning dramas, comedy series, documentaries and more right away.

And we’ve created a code checker which makes synchronising to your TV super simple. It isn’t just convenient to set up and easy to use, our Sky Terabyte Remote is smart too. It has permanent memory retention, which means you never need to re-programme it once it’s connected to your TV.

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