Sky TV Link (magic eye)

Call for Price

Want to watch the same show as everyone else at home but without interruptions? Watch it in another room with the Sky Magic Eye.

Once you’re all set up, you can watch an award-winning drama, comedy or documentary on two TVs at the same time. Got our Sky+HD box with built in Wi-Fi or a Sky HD Multiscreen box? You’ll also need to purchase an IO Link to connect this magic eye to your box.

Don’t worry about lots of cables and wires, our Sky TV Link is just one wire that’s easy to insert into the IO port on your Sky+HD box. And it comes with a super simple instructions leaflet so you can get set up in no time. If you have any problems, our dedicated SATECH team will be more than happy to advise you.

Just so you know, the same show will be on both TVs as they’re sharing the Sky+HD box. If the kids want to watch cartoons in the kitchen and you want to watch the football in the lounge, you’ll need Sky Multiscreen so you can watch different shows on different TVs in your home. Or download the Sky Go app to watch what you want, where you want – even if you’re out and about.

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